GIS training (November 2016)

Plenary session (photo credit: FAO Indonesia).

Team photo (photo credit: FAO Indonesia)

Midterm meeting (September 2016)

Mid-term review at ILRI office in Hanoi (photo credit: ILRI)

Maize field visit (April 2016)

field_hu suk feeding a cow.jpg
ILRI postdoc scientist and Pestforecast project coordinator Hu Suk Lee during a field visit to Son La province in April 2016 (photo credit: ILRI/Hung Nguyen).

field_vegetable market.jpg
A market for selling vegetables, including maize (photo credit: ILRI/Hung Nguyen)

Maize as a common agricultural commodity in Son La and a growing feed for livestock (photo credit: ILRI/Hung Nguyen).

field_corn storage.jpg
How maize is normally stored in Son La province (photo credit: ILRI/Hung Nguyen)

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Second planning meeting (March 2015)

ILRI veterinary epidemiologist Johanna Lindahl discusses aflatoxin forecasting at the project's second planning meeting (photo credit: ILRI).

Project partners discuss specific activities to be undertaken during one of the groupwork sessions (photo credit: ILRI).